Before any kind of change can take place, people need to be aware of what kind of problems are in their community, what kind of solutions are possible, and why small cities are essential in creating a sustainable future.

Often it can be easy to think that innovation only happens in larger cities; that we only play a supporting role in those stories, or no role at all. But we believe that resilient systems can thrive in our hometowns and other small cities, and that these kinds of places are essential in creating a diverse global network of sustainable solutions. 

Our hometowns are places of opportunity, where you can see the impact your actions have on your community in ways you wouldn’t be able to in larger cities. They are places we are already connected to, invested in, and care about. Places where your network of friends, family and collaborators can work together and support each other, creating a space of experimentation and innovation. The ideas we try and the solutions we create will not only help our local economy, culture and environment, but also inspire and contribute to a wider network of sol