In order to move forward, we need to embrace our shared history. By creating material that people can own, share, and talk about, individuals can start building a new civic identity, one that celebrates our past and looks towards our future.

We've illustrated our favourite Prince George moments, quotes, and icons. We know we’ve left a lot out, but we chose these stories because they represent a cross-section of who we were, what we can accomplish, and what kind of new history we might be able to make for ourselves. 
These stories are about our mistakes and successes, our stubborn and innovative spirit, and our ability to defy expectations. We wanted to show how people in Prince George can transform a city, shape a community, and give us a shared conversation to grow from, so let’s talk about it! 

These limited edition prints are available for purchase, with the intention of creating accessible local artwork that people can continue to share and discuss. All proceeds support The Hometown Project Show and future activities.