Before any kind of change can take place, people need to be aware of what kind of problems are in their community, what kind of solutions are possible, and why small cities are essential in creating a sustainable future.

We want to see how local citizens can be more involved in making change in their cities, and how we can learn and grow from collaboration. There’s a ton of different solutions we can choose from and make, and when we start having an open dialogue about those solutions, we can discover new, innovative and achievable actions. We know Prince George has problems, so let’s solve them! is one of our projects that we'd like to make, a website that gives individuals the tools and support to make their ideas a reality. The web platform is similar to project backing sites like, but focuses on sharing and collaboration within the community, rather than just anonymous monetary support. We have designed this platform, however it is not yet coded or functioning as an actual site. We are moving forward and discovering ways this site can become a reality. If you have any feedback or would like to help us make this site real, talk to us! We'd love to hear from you.